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Ever wondered what it would be like to be an astronaut?  Live on the International Space Station?  Travel to the moon or even Mars?  What about living under the ocean?  Study marine animals right outside your window?  Learn more about the world beneath the sea? There’s only ONE place on the entire planet that allows you to train for all of this and more!

The Hab Lessons is a very special interactive video series that shows you the research, training, and cool scientific experiments performed by the team on the Aquarius Underwater Habitat and Laboratory, a unique underwater habitat located off the coast of the Florida Keys.  You’ll get to know the team, see how they live, how they train, ask questions, and even send suggestions for experiments to the people working and living sixty-five feet under water!

Using these lessons and engaging in real-time live stream conversations you’ll learn things you’ve never imagined.  So grab your swim fins and your space suit and get ready for The Hab Lessons!

Engaging and Exclusive

Built on a custom platform of rock-solid classroom functionality and populated with exclusive content and personal access to the team and facilities used by NASA to train its astronauts for missions to the ISS and Mars, The Hab Lessons offers engaging and interactive content focused on the sea, space and the analogs between the two.

Impactful and Inspiring

The surface of the planet is 70% ocean, yet not only is it vastly unexplored, but ocean sciences are a sorely underserved vertical in STEM based educational systems, even today. Pharmaceutical companies estimate that more than 70% of all new medicines may be sourced from the world’s oceans in the future, providing both health benefits and potential cures for diseases that are barely treatable today, while biologists estimate that there are hundreds of unknown species thriving in the depths.

The Hab Lessons is a video based interactive macro-course focused on inspiring kids to not only learn more about the impact of the ocean on our lives, but to help them make the connection between the health and stability of our planet’s ocean environments and our ability as a species to adapt and survive changes to our world and our colonization of other planets in the upcoming decades.

Individual Interactivity & Reporting

Engaging children, offering interactive lessons, conversations with experts, quizzes, tests and independent study resources, The Hab Lessons promises to inspire, intrigue and empower kids to learn about and get involved in the amazing work being done in science and technology and our journey to explore our worlds.

  • The Aquarius Module Progress 80%
  • The Oceans | Coral Reefs Module Progress 55%
  • The Oceans | Invasive Species Module Progress 45%
  • Sea to Space | Under Pressure Module Progress 30%
  • Sea to Space | ROVs & AUVs Module Progress 60%
  • Sea to Space | Science of Sleep Module Progress 25%
  • Independent Study Progress 42%

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