The Hab Lessons 


The Hab Lessons Series One encompasses three Modules of three 2-part lessons each. Narrated by Dr. Marc O’Griofa, each video lesson is accompanied by a written lesson, additional questions to spark discussions after the lesson, self-tests and extra resources for students interested in pursuing independent research on any of the covered subjects.

In addition, subscribers are invited to participate in lively monthly livestreams with Dr. O’Griofa, interacting in real time with discussions, questions, real-life stories of working on the Hab and more. Exclusive to the Hab Lessons and a truly unique and special opportunity for our students to find out what a life filled with science and adventure can be!

The Hab Lessons: Series 1

  • Module 1: Future Oceans
    1.1: The Aquarius Undersea Habitat and Reef Base – What is It?
    1.2: The Aquarius Undersea Habitat and Reef Base – The Science
    1.3: Coral Reefs and Restoration – What are Corals and Why are They Important?
    1.4: Coral Reefs and Restoration – Restoring the Reefs
    1.5: Invasive Marine Species – Here Come the Lionfish!
    1.6: Invasive Marine Species – Ocean Invaders
  • Module 2: Sea to Space
    2.1: Under Pressure – Just How Much Can We Take?
    2.2: Under Pressure – Pressure vs Buoyancy vs Weightlessness
    2.3: Sea-Space Living – What Works?
    2.4: Sea-Space Living – How Do We Start?
    2.5: ROVs and AUVs – Extreme Vehicles
    2.6: ROVs and AUVs – What’s Next in Exploration?
  • Module 3: Future Settlements
    3.1: Sleep, Sea and Space – How Important is Sleep?
    3.2: Sleep, Sea and Space -What Happens in Extreme Environments?
    3.3: Life in Extreme Environments – Sea
    3.4: Life in Extreme Environments – Space
    3.5: Future Medicine – Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine
    3.6: Future Medicine – What Can the Sea Teach Us about Space?