The Hab Lessons 


The Hab Lessons consists of more than 60 Lessons, coordinated with quizzes, games and section reviews, as well as blog posts, reference links and loads of additional resources accessible to all subscribers. With a monthly livestream including live Q&A with Dr. Marc O’Griofa, your students will find exciting, engaging new content available to explore and enjoy, all while learning about some of the most important areas of science, sustainability, conservation and technology today.

For teachers, we’ve added cross links to local national curriculum requirements and optional quizzes on blog posts as well as extensive reporting and student oversight capabilities.

Subscribers are invited to participate in lively monthly livestreams with Dr. O’Griofa, interacting in real time with discussions, questions, real-life stories of working on the Hab and more. Exclusive to the Hab Lessons and a truly unique and special opportunity for our students to find out what a life filled with science and adventure can be!

UNIT | Aquarius & The Oceans 

Module | The Aquarius | Welcome to the Hab
The Aquarius Habitat is a unique science lab; learn what and where the Hab is, why it’s useful for NASA, and what we do down there.
Module | The Oceans | Coral Reefs
Coral reefs cover 25% of the ocean floor but impact the entire world.  Find out why!
Module | The Oceans | Invasive Species
They may not all seem scary, but they’re monsters none-the-less.  What is an invasive species?  How does it invade new territory? What are some of the worst invasive species?  What’s being done to combat them?

UNIT | Sea To Space

Module | Sea to Space | Under Pressure
Why do your ears pop when you’re flying?  Why do you need air tanks when you dive?  What is pressure, and how does it affect us, both in the air and below the sea?
Module | Sea to Space | ROVs and AUVs
Sometimes a job is too difficult or too dangerous for humans to perform, so how do robotic helpers handle the job not only in the sea, but in space as well?
Module | Sea to Space | Science of Sleep
Sometimes a good night’s sleep is hard to find on land, but what about under the ocean or in space?  How does micro gravity affect your sleep cycles?  What’s happening in your brain while you sleep?

UNIT | The Solar System

Module | The Solar System | Our Local Neighborhood
So what’s the neighborhood like when our Aquanauts head off to space? We’re taking a trip to see the sights around our solar system, so come on along!
Module | The Solar System | The Suburbs
Our journey continues from Mars, the Red Planet, and takes us through the gas giants all the way out to Neptune – ever wonder what’s really out there?
Module | The Solar System| ...And Beyond
Neptune’s not even close to the end of our solar system, although we often think of it as the outer limit – but there’s a LOT more to explore as we pass Neptune and head out to the real far reaches!