The Hab Lessons 


The Hab Lessons consists of Modules, each of which includes Lessons and multiple Topics within those Lessons. New Lesson Modules with subtopics, quizzes and additional resources are added monthly and are accessible to all subscribers.

Included within each Lesson Module are additional resources for further study, pre-built quizzes, vocabulary and review tests, optional extra credit assignments, interactive maps and games and much more.

For teachers, we’ve added cross links to local national curriculum requirements and optional quizzes on blog posts as well as extensive reporting and student oversight capabilities.

In addition, subscribers are invited to participate in lively monthly livestreams with Dr. O’Griofa, interacting in real time with discussions, questions, real-life stories of working on the Hab and more. Exclusive to the Hab Lessons and a truly unique and special opportunity for our students to find out what a life filled with science and adventure can be!

MODULE | Aquarius & The Oceans

The Aquarius | Welcome to the Hab

The Aquarius Habitat is a unique science lab; learn what and where the Hab is, why it’s useful for NASA, and what we do down there.

The Oceans | Coral Reefs

Coral reefs cover 25% of the ocean floor but impact the entire world.  Find out why!

The Oceans | Invasive Species

They may not all seem scary, but they’re monsters none-the-less.  What is an invasive species?  How does it invade new territory? What are some of the worst invasive species?  What’s being done to combat them?

MODULE | Sea To Space

Sea to Space | Under Pressure

Why do your ears pop when you’re flying?  Why do you need air tanks when you dive?  What is pressure, and how does it affect us, both in the air and below the sea?

Sea to Space | ROVs and AUVs
Sea to Space | Science of Sleep

Sometimes a good night’s sleep is hard to find on land, but what about under the ocean or in space?  How does micro gravity affect your sleep cycles?  What’s happening in your brain while you sleep?

MODULE | The Solar System

The Solar System | Our Local Neighborhood

What’s the farthest distance you’ve ever travelled?  Did it take hours?  Days?  Years?  Our solar system is a huge place, but it’s worth exploring.

The Solar System | Exploring the Universe

As large as the solar system is, our universe is mind-bogglingly huge, and it takes some very special equipment to observe it.  So how do we find exoplanets?  How do we explore distant galaxies?

The Solar System | SETI

Is there anybody out there?  Are they trying to communicate?  That’s the question SETI has been working on for decades.  How do they do this?  What have they learned?

MODULE | The Ocean Depths [NEW 2019]

The Ocean Depths | Just What’s Down There?

What’s creeping around in the deepest depths of the world’s oceans?  Creepy creatures, boiling vents…covered with creepy creatures.

The Ocean Depths | Undersea Resources

The oceans aren’t just for swimming or shipping cars from continent to continent; they’re also full of resources for pharmaceuticals, genomics, and training for space!

The Ocean Depths | Harnessing the Sea

What else can the sea do for us?  It can provide us with energy, grow renewable and sustainable food sources, and even cool computer servers!

MODULE | Geology of Space [NEW 2019]

Geology of Space | Things With Rings

Saturn has the most iconic ring system in our solar system, but it’s not the only planet that has one!

Geology of Space | Little Big Things

There may only be eight planets, but there are hundreds of moons and other substantial objects in our solar system worth exploring.

Geology of Space | Is There Life Out There?

While SETI is listening for signals from space, but could there be smaller creatures right in our own solar neighbourhood?  Where are we looking?  How are we looking?  What are we looking for?

Geology of Space | Invaders from Outer Space

Strange objects are coming at us from the darkest parts of the galaxy!  Where do they come from?  What are they made of?

MODULE | Oceans and Climate [NEW 2019]

Oceans and Climate | Which Affects Which?

Which affects which?  Does the ocean affect climate change?  Does climate change the ocean?  What do we as humans do to affect both?

Oceans and Climate | Rivers of the Seas

The ocean is just one big mass of water that moves as a single unit, right?  Wrong!  The ocean is actually driven by “rivers” like the Gulf Stream and other currents that have surprising effects globally.

Oceans and Climate | What Happens Next?

If you live near the ocean, you’re going to want to pay very close attention to this lesson; it may help you keep your feet dry.

MODULE | Exploring Space [NEW 2019]

Exploring Space | Failure is Always an Option

Experience is what you get when you don’t get what you wanted, and space exploration is full of experiences!  So what do we learn from rocket explosions, broiling heat and crushing pressure?

Exploring Space | Future Settlements

Humans are curious explorers and we’re always looking for new places to occupy; so what’s next for our species?

Exploring Space | Asteroid Mining

There’s a whole galaxy of resources just floating around in space that could help us branch out away from Earth, but how do we get to it?